Eradicating Poverty, LLC is a for profit organization.

The mission of Eradicating Poverty, LLC is to form a socio-political socio-religious culture of togetherness via Education and the Social Sciences.

The vision is therein!

/s/Verlena S. Walker



Verlena’s destiny calls for a perfected cause.
In aura of amazing grace via a walk of faith, is her voice.
At the Tombs of Saints, she proclaims her life and choice.
She will not be suppress.
She will uplift her existence to what is best, that which is rightful.

During colonial time, the thinking of man in this part of the world was based on intelligence.
He defined the structure for equality yet, enslavement.
He emancipated yet, civil entrapment.
He became mobile, nevertheless, systematic discrimination formed.
And, as all of this was taking place, founding fathers were manifesting destiny.

The lens of the future is today.
Hasten through transgression Verlena is anointed to be wise.
The knowledge endowed has awarded her insight to the Social Sciences.
She is the founder of a New School of Thought – The School of Social Theology.

Therefore, I am Social Theorem of today.
A Social Scientist generalization, which evolved from the acumen of history titivated.
Insofar, Verlena S. Walker will henceforward to remove the troubles of the world.
Therein, a socio-political socio-religious structure has formed.
Penned on November 4, 2014!



By: Dark Sunshine – VSW

Real real Domino’s Pizza cares…
Your hungry is not to be there!
When you hear your stomach growling
Call them up now!

Domino’s Pizza…
A great place to eat -
Call them up and order for delivery,
Faster than a leer jet in the City.
Call them up and they will be really speedy!

D o you want to eat now?
O scar Meyers out?
M outh salivating?
I ndigestion not found?
N o food been swallowed for quite a while?
O ff the hook comes the telephone because you are calling Domino’s!

P lease can you deliver[y] to my house?
I am hungry and my stomach is meowing.
Z esty pizza I do smell.
Z ealous I am,
A sking you to come real fast!

Domino’s Pizza is your best bet!!!
What else are you craving?
We have chicken and pasta bowls.
We will dish ‘em up also.
Cinnamon stixs
Hot fudge pies
Sandwiches for appetizers
You also can get you something to drink.
Darn, I will bring the menu if I forgot something.
Penned on August 24, 2014!



At least I am full.
I got a roof over my head.
I can go and find relief when I need it.
Can you say the same?
Of course, not, you don’t know the game.

I am not gloating because I am proud of who I am.
I am not a show-off by stating where I stand.
I will step to the cause to take care of myself.
You should do the same when you know you should do better.

I paid two hundred dollars for these shoes.
The outfit I am wearing was a good bit too.
I had my teeth fixed through my insurance.
I am thanking the good Lord for all he does.
Do you do the same when you are blessed?
Of course, not, you think you did all this by yourself.

I am gloating about how good God is to me.
I want the world to see.
When your faith is shown through your glory,
Let the world know whose Jehovah.

I am double Mastered.
I am a rhymester.
I am a mental strategist.
I am fulfilled.
I have walked a treacherous path.
The Almighty God was visionary.
He spoke at the most precarious times.
He told me he was by my side.

I know you say I am gloating.
Might I do just that?
God said spread his will and his way to everybody.

via Poem: GLOATING by Verlena S. Walker.



The wall of horrors was never to be addressed.
I watch these monsters emerge as marvels.
Ten little white thumbnails aglow were detached setting in two rolls.
A short man stood by himself with such a pose.
There was a giant of a man in the line of the wall very composed.
These monsters would visit my house for what I do not know.
However, on this particular night, my skin begins to crawl.

The wall of horrors was never addressed even with my grandma being of Irish blood.
The short man that stood by himself was a leprechaun.
He would just stand there and show his rotten teeth.
I would shout out to him who are you to be.
The giant would not move one inch.
The little white thumbnails were also men.
Let me now mention the black goblin who eyes were effervescent.

The wall of horrors was not addressed.
On this particular night, I became rigid.
Hair follicle felt in the arms cause me to jump up and run.
In the front room, I went to tell my mother about what I see.
She told me go to bed.
I was an obedient child and went as she said.
Fast asleep, I desired; however, I only closed my eyes.
I will awaken, as day broke, with new profound knowledge untold.



I know it is not ‘nothing’ but white men in Ireland and the few niggers (on the up and up) that come from Scotland to party in those Pubs. My ancestors on my great great great grandmother side were from the immigrant Irish clan; therefore, Haley, Creek Indian, married a white man.
She had Cherokee and Blackhawk blood to. Her family flourished in lineage and the skin comes in all colors. Note this! We are called the colored Sexton’s because Haley’s great granddaughter married a Guinea. The story became we are the colors of the United States of America. O’ jealousy manifested and now, I am the structure of the colored Sextons! Our story will be told. Therefore, our belief and faith is transcendent via the Holy Scripture,

In God We Trust!



Life is to live and to chill in.
Just relax and lay back and enjoy your living.
Do not worry about crazy ass leaders in your country.
Law abides and that should tell them something.
If it does not, oust.
Egypt has done this to two.

Adventurous the world maintains.
You want to sightsee life insanely.
Skydiver you are.
You are on flight to the Republic of the Maldives.
A political escapade you have partook.
You are foreign blood from the United States.
This is your family origin and you want to connect.
Therefore, you donate to the cause to project.

Exploitation you do not mind.
You want a fulfilling life and one that enshrines.
No matter what the big picture is, your consideration is that life was given to live.
Thus, you contemplate with an inner focus.
You will enjoy life and all its trinkets.





The loss of a love one, for God did not call her home, is wretchedness.
Both took a part of my reserve and now I really live in a crazy world.
However, life was not formed for vulnerability to transform another life demised.
Life was formed to move-on and define inner peace as strength transmogrified.
This life is enshrined.

God speaks to me during the most precarious time.
The Almighty bellows via the mind.
He said let this life of mine shine because the wicked will be refined.
You are in my likeness my child.
Never doubt it.

A spouse that believed in God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, was asked to put man
before He.
Loss his life via superficial beliefs is not anymore revivable through the powers of
Exodus 20:3 roars – “You shall have no other gods before Me.”
He died for all the wrong reasons.
Ministry, as a form of faith, desires a tragedy that is not to be salvation.

May I pray!?!

Here I am Lord fulfilled by the knowledge of your way Jehovah.
Stand me as a pillar of strength and step me to the cause.
Because the Lord is my protectorate and my perspective of who I die for.
You are the only one with the Rite to call me into Heaven.
I have losses to address.
Grief and bereavement has not been acknowledged.
Therefore, I speak to you in the unknown because I believe in your Words.
I pray here in the privacy of my home.
May your will be done Lord God Jehovah!?!




You are just old man spinning wheels trying to live for a million years.
You are just an apple tree chopped down trying to root again from the ground.
Your hatefulness means naught because your life is facing the judgment of God.
You are just an old elderly man gambling his months when he has been told to
rest his heart.
You been misguided by your minister and damned by the demons of the innocent.
The Arabs Kings cannot save your soul from your hellhole chosen by Jehovah.
So pay for your gravesite and bid the world goodbye.
This is the advice given to a life prophesized.

The Monks gave the gift to you.
You refuse to follow the truth.
You were brought into a new world.
Blessed by the chosen one, eccentric he became.
Pakistan is your brother country.
You are of foreign blood.
Why have you thrown a stone at the righteous?
Your hatefulness means not anything.
You will be confronted by the acumen of the Lord Jehovah God.